Bringing Beyond Differences to Your School is Easy!

Quick Steps to Being a Youth Leadership Club:

  1. Find a teacher who will be willing to be the advisor. Your school counselor, advisor, or leadership teachers are a good place to start.
  2. Ask others, even if they are not your close friends, to join you. This is a GREAT way to include others. The wider you spread your net in looking for members for your group, the more inclusive it will be! You will be taking a big step towards creating a school where everyone feels welcome.
  3. Offer to be an organizer and leader for Beyond Differences’ National Awareness Day celebrations: Know Your Classmates, No One Eats Alone, and Be Kind Online Days!

Once you decide what you are mobilizing yourselves around, find an advisor and determine who is included in your group you’ll discuss how often you’d like your Beyond Differences leadership group to meet- once a week or every other week?

It’s good to keep growing the group with an eye on diversity so all voices at your school are heard and everyone feels included. You can put up flyers or make announcements at school to invite others. Beyond Differences provides fun lessons and activities that you can use before each National Awareness Day like, No One Eats Alone Day, to help you prepare.

Jump in and Start Having Fun

  • Check with your advisor and ask if your group can meet in their office or classroom.
  • Ask your advisor if your leadership group, once it’s formed & prepared, can assist teachers with other Beyond Differences lessons.
  • Review the lessons together and practice leading them.
  • Sign up and plan for one of our special National Awareness Days, like No One Eats Alone Day, with the support of your advisor.
  • Lead discussions from each of the lesson plans.
  • Create and lead a celebration at your school along with thousands of other schools in the country who are doing the same!
Games and activities that allow you and your classmates to have fun while making new friends include:
  • Improv games
  • Social Scavenger Hunts 
  • Cooperative games
  • Team challenges
  • Art Projects
  • Watch videos and lead discussions

The possibilities are endless. No matter what, we promise you will have fun and gain amazing leadership skills that will help you throughout your educational journey and beyond. By joining Beyond Differences and creating a Leadership Club you will be a role model and an upstander who helps end social isolation and makes sure everyone feels respected and included at your school.

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