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No One Eats Alone Day on February 17, 2023, teaches students how to make friends and create a culture of belonging. It’s no surprise that this is our most popular program; it includes a variety of activities, ice breakers and ideas to plan a celebration of connection and friendship at school.

Currently, millions of students in more than 2,500 schools in all 50 states participate in No One Eats Alone Day each year.

Join thousands of schools across the nation in creating a culture of belonging! Sign up today to bring the National No One Eats Alone (NOEA) program to your school. This program inspires students to become leaders working to end social isolation and ensure that everyone in your community feels accepted, respected and valued no matter their differences.

Youth will learn how to make new friends through understanding what social isolation is, participating in community building activities, participating in courageous conversations, and learning how to include those who may be feeling left out.

It’s simple! All you need to do to join the national movement to end social isolation is to fill out this form. Beyond Differences will send you lesson plans, ready-to-use presentations and a guide for student leaders to plan and lead a celebration. The student leadership unit is full of practical leadership tips and fun activities to help build connections and create new friendships. All of our social and emotional learning (SEL) resources are easy to use and are provided at no cost to educators! All resources are free of charge thanks to the Centene Charitable Foundation.

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The NOEA program comes with 8 teacher lesson plans and a student leadership unit, all of which are easily available to download.

National No One Eats Alone Day is a celebration, a curriculum and campaign designed to end social isolation and create a culture of belonging in middle school. Our program was designed for 5th – 8th grade students, however, we have students of all ages participating from Kindergarten through College.

After you sign your school up for the No One Eats Alone program you will receive access to the following lesson plans and the student leadership unit. These lesson plans can be used at any time during the school year.

  • The Power of Self-Reflection
  • Language of Emotions
  • Understanding and True Belonging
  • Advice to Younger Self
  • What’s Your Origin Story?
  • A Guided Art Activity
  • How to Apologize and Why it Matters
  • Theater of Inclusion
  • Student Leadership Unit and NOEA Day Activities 

No One Eats Alone is a Positive Prevention Initiative that aims to create a culture of belonging where all students feel accepted, respected and valued. Our curriculum is aligned with Common Core ELA standards and CASEL competencies.

Please email with any questions.

Join schools all across the nation in creating a culture of belonging!

(This map is updated manually each week. If you have already registered for our National No One Eats Alone program and don’t see your school on the list please check back in a few days.)