About No One Eats Alone® Day (NOEA):

Our leading national program, NOEA is a day of action and school-based program that encourages youth to sit with others, find new friends, and model ways to end social isolation in the lunch room.

At a glance:

Our reach focuses on 5th-8th grades, a pivotal time for young people in regards to identity formation and when social isolation can be rampant.

Annually, over 2,500 schools in all 50 states participate in NOEA, reaching over 1,000,000 students.

All of NOEA’s programming is offered at no cost to educators and student leaders thanks to:

Highlights of our 2023 Program: My Recipe for Empathy

The following are offered for free to educators:

  • 8 SEL lesson plans that develop students’ three different types of empathy, all ingredients needed to cultivate belonging at school:
  • 1. Cognitive
    2. Emotional
    3. Compassionate

  • A student leadership unit so they can lead a NOEA Day and Beyond Differences Club at their schools
  • An NOEA art activity kit mailed to you*
  • 5-minute adaptions for each lesson if you are short on time
  • Extension opportunities
  • Featured Curriculum by our National Teen Board (Stay tuned)
  • Student-facing materials available in Spanish

*Every educator at a school can register and access the lesson plans, but we limit one activity kit per school.

*Shipping to US and Canada only

If you have any questions please email our Director of National Programs, Alyssa Ching at alyssac@BeyondDifferences.org

 NOEA Day 2023 in Teaneck, NJ

 NOEA Day 2023 in Miami, FL

Join schools all across the nation in creating a culture of belonging!

(This map is updated manually each week. If you have already registered for our National No One Eats Alone program and don’t see your school on the list please check back in a few days.)