About Be Kind Online

The Be Kind Online® program is an initiative aimed at cultivating social inclusion in virtual spaces. When students enter middle school, they become more plugged into the digital world. How do we make sure they use it as a tool to empower themselves and others?

Some of the skills we aim to teach through this program:

  • Setting healthy boundaries with technology to reduce feelings of social isolation
  • Navigating body image issues and other feelings that social media triggers
  • Making new connections and being an active participant in positive online communities.
  • Using social media as a tool for activism to speak out on issues that matter most to them

Our program is provided free of charge.

Highlights of our 2023 Program:

This year’s theme: Kindness Is…

The following are offered free to educators:

  • 8 SEL lesson plans that empowers students to use social media to create a greater sense of belonging in themselves and others,
    make connections, and try new things.
  • A student leadership unit so they can lead a Be Kind Online Day
  • 5-minute adaptions for each lesson if you are short on time
  • Extension opportunities
  • Featured Curriculum by our National Teen Board: Stand Up for AAPI Youth
  • Student-facing materials available in Spanish

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