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Know Your Classmates® is a school-based Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) program created by Beyond Differences that includes teacher guided lesson plans, a student leadership unit, and resources to celebrate the National Awareness Day, Know Your Classmates®.

KYC was designed to end social isolation and create cultures of belonging. Students will learn self-awareness of their identity, tradition, and culture while learning acceptance, inclusion, and respect for others. It was created as a 5th-8th grade positive intervention program, but may be adapted for lower grade levels and high school.

Highlights of this program:

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  • Access to eight SEL lesson plans (aligned to CASEL Competencies and ELA Standards), videos, and other materials co-designed by educators and members of our National Teen Board.
  • Insight from experts on racial justice, equity, social and emotional learning, mental health and well-being, and social isolation issues.
  • A guide to help students lead Know Your Classmates® (KYC) Day at your site.
  • A KYC Day activity kit shipped to you (US and Canada only).
  • All student facing worksheets and presentations available in Spanish. For translation into other languages, we may be able to have a National Teen Board Member support virtually. Please reach out to our Director of National Programs for more info (see below).

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If you have any questions please email our Director of National Programs, Alyssa Ching at alyssac@BeyondDifferences.org


Know Your Classmates® was originally created by Beyond Differences® in partnership with the Islamic Networks Group in 2016 to combat the rise of hateful language and bullying against Muslim-American children in the run-up to the Presidential election.