As thought leaders and practitioners for over a decade, Beyond Differences® pioneered the creation of nationwide programs that equip middle school communities with activities and curricula for Social Emotional Learning (SEL).

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How to Use Storytelling to Build Belonging

How to Use Storytelling to Build Belonging

Storytelling has always been a way to share, engage, and entertain audiences, but it is also a very powerful tool to help students connect, make difficult conversations more approachable, and leave a lasting impression. Beyond Differences is harnessing the magic of...

Alysha Lee to Receive U.S. Surgeon General’s Medallion Award

Alysha Lee to Receive U.S. Surgeon General’s Medallion Award

Beyond Differences’ National Teen Board Member Alysha Lee will become the youngest person to ever receive the Surgeon General’s Medallion for Health Award. Alysha will be receiving this award for her work with Beyond Differences' Stand Up for AAPI Youth Project where...

(1994 – 2009)

Our Inspiration

Beyond Differences® was created in memory of Lili Rachel Smith. She endured the pain of social isolation and feeling different.

Lili is the heart and guiding light of the organization.

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Student Action Days

Join Beyond Differences® by celebrating three Student Action Days that promote Social and Emotional Learning (SEL), help to end social isolation and create a culture of inclusion at your school!

Know Your Classmates® Day

Designed to explore youth identity and belonging + help students embrace diversity, and help students speak honestly about their feelings. Now includes teen created lessons on How to be An Ally, Diverse Expressions of Gender, Recognizing Bias, and Anti Racism + National Stand Up for Asian American Youth Campaign materials. (FALL) 

No One Eats Alone® Day

Youth learn to make new friends at lunch beyond their existing peer groups through community-building activities that help them get to know one another and include students who are being left out.  (WINTER)

Be Kind Online® Day

Focused on creating inclusive communities online and ending social isolation in digital spaces. Students learn how to stand up to hateful behaviors, positive and negative aspects of screen time, social media’s effect on emotions and how to regulate those feelings, how to build self-confidence online and how to build your future online. (SPRING)