If you are interested in joining one of our future Educator Cohorts, contact: Lisette Ostrander , Director of Education Programs. Please put Educator Cohort Info. in the subject line and include: your name, school, city, title or role, and the grade level/s you teach (if applicable) and we will be in touch with you shortly.

Beyond Differences® occasionally offers free National Webinars and Brown Bag sessions for educators. (see examples of topics below) Learn more about our National Webinar offerings when you sign up for our programs.

If you are interested in bringing in Beyond Differences® trainers or members of the Beyond Differences® Teen Board to your school for an assembly or to give a staff meeting presentation, contact Sally Kuhlman, Director of National Programs.

Training Sessions Include:

  • Creating Community: A Primer on Social Isolation & Loneliness: Social Isolation & Loneliness and the impact on our brain, behavior, physical, emotional, and social health. How do we support ourselves and our students? How do we build connections, and what can we do to break the cycle of loneliness? How can we create inclusive cultures in our school that promote belonging?
  • Cultivating Emotional Resilience In Educators: Topics based on the framework and teachings of Elena Aquilar and her book Onward: Cultivating Emotional Resilience in Educators. Habits and Dispositions that can support educators and setting intentions for robust classrooms.
  • Building Cultures of Belonging Among Students: Participants will set intentions regarding realistic aspirations to support students in building a culture of belonging. Strategies will include (a) how to talk to students regarding difficult topics and provide de-escalation techniques, (b) Trauma-Informed Care practice – caring for students during and after trauma, including addressing students’ response to fear and anxiety and how to implement key principles, and (c) attend to the tensions of balancing the needs of all and effective instruction.

It was such an emotional day for me–I worked with the students all day
and stood on my feet for at least five hours, but I was so happy.

Leanora Erica Mims

Teacher, Ithaca New York

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Know Your Classmates®

Designed to explore youth identity and belonging + help students embrace diversity, and help students speak honestly about their feelings. Now includes teen created lessons on How to be An Ally, Diverse Expressions of Gender, Recognizing Bias, and Anti Racism + National Stand Up for Asian American Youth Campaign materials. (FALL)

No One Eats Alone®

Youth learn to make new friends at lunch beyond their existing peer groups through community building activities, courageous conversations, and how to include those who are being left out. (WINTER)

Be Kind Online®

Focused on creating inclusive communities online and ending social isolation in digital spaces. Students learn how to stand up to hateful behaviors, positive and negative aspects of screen time, social media’s effect on emotions and how to regulate those feelings, how to build self-confidence online and how to build your future online. (SPRING)