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Thank you for bringing the No One Eats Alone® program to the schools in your local community!

No One Eats Alone® Day teaches students how to make friends and create a culture of belonging. This program, sponsored by the Centene Foundation, inspires students to become leaders working to end social isolation and ensure that everyone in their school community feels accepted, respected and valued no matter their differences.

Students will learn how to make new friends through understanding what social isolation is, participating in community building activities, having courageous conversations, and learning how to include those who may be feeling left out.

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FREE Resources educators receive when they sign up:

  • Three lesson plans on recognizing emotions, understanding social isolation, and fostering social connections
  • A student leadership guide on how to run a NOEA Day
  • A Belonging Box containing supplies to run NOEA Day activities
  • Invitation to attend a NOEA Day Workshop Date TBD
  • Student-facing materials available in Spanish


Additional Resources

The Centene Foundation is proud to stand with Beyond Differences and support their mission to foster inclusion and empathy among students. The National No One Eats Alone Day initiative reflects our commitment to create compassionate communities where every individual feels valued and included. Together, we’re cultivating environments where no one sits alone at school, fostering friendships that transcend differences, and empowering a generation that embraces acceptance and connection.
– Dr. Alice Chen, Chief Health Officer (CHO) of Centene

Image of a map showing the different  No One Eats Alone Day regions