True to our mission of infusing youth voice in everything we do, this curriculum has been created by our National Teen Board for middle school students grades 5th – 8th.

Please enjoy and use as much as you can.

Disability Visibility & Inclusion

Students explore if normal exists and are challenged to think about how defining and labelling normal can be unintentionally hurtful especially to those with disabilities. They also learn how they can be an ally for the disability community, and how to advocate for policy change in their schools.

Special thanks to the Disability Visibility Committee of our National Teen Board: Angel, Dashiel, Emily, Geanette, Harita, Kailee, and Will.

Redefining Disability Event

There are multiple types of disabilities from physical to learning, and in the disabled community there is a diversity of experiences, perspectives, and strengths. Engaging in disability visibility means recognizing and celebrating everyone’s experiences.

Disability inclusion means creating and ensuring access to participation in the same opportunities as individuals who are not disabled.

Our Disability Visibility curriculum includes:

    • History of Disability Inclusion and Exclusion
    • “Please Don’t” – Common Disability Microaggressions and how to stop them
    • Be a policy maker – how to create Disability Inclusive Policy
    • Art Project that centers on finding and celebrating one’s authentic self

Meet the National Teen Board Members who Created our Featured Curriculum: