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A Project ofbeyond differences

Make a difference.

Take the Challenge!

Millions of middle school children suffer every day from feeling left out or socially isolated simply because they are seen as different for whatever reasons. Whether you are a student or an adult, the pain of this memory really hurts and can last a long time. Middle school doesn't have to be that way.

We are all different in one way or another and deserve to be accepted, valued and included for who we are! It's easy to inspire young people who are in middle school and exploring differences.

Join Us! We Need You!

Do you have a #WhatsMyDifferent middle school story to share? Tell us your personal experience in a quick, short home-made video or photo and upload to Instagram, Twitter or Facebook using hashtag #WhatsMyDifferent.

Download our handy template here.

Join the movement to end social isolation today! Together we will build a national community from which we draw strength and support one another.

Make a difference. Share your different!

A Safety Message from Beyond Differences

It is a priority of Beyond Differences to ensure safe messaging in all of its communications with our middle school youth. Our curriculum, student leadership programs and national awareness days are positive opportunities that help prevent teasing, bullying and community violence before it begins and build more inclusive communities.

We believe that this generation of youth has the power to change the world, starting with how they treat each other online and at school.

We are committed to monitoring as closely as possible and all videos and messages that come across our #WhatsMyDifferent social media feed and reserve the right to pull down anything that contains vulgar, prejudice or insensitive language.

Thank you for joining the #WhatsMyDifferent campaign! Join the movement to end social isolation today!

Beyond Differences, a student-led social justice movement whose mission is to inspire students at all middle schools nationwide to end social isolation and create a culture of belonging for everyone.

We believe in a world where every child is accepted, valued and included by their peers no matter what their differences.


Share your different