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For all press inquiries, please contact:
Barbara Zamost, Zamost Public Relations
[email protected]
o: (415) 389-0210, m: (415) 987-2810

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Campaign Seeks to Protect Asian American Youth From COVID-19 Bullying
Next Shark, September 7, 2020

Kamala Harris Backs Program That Protects Young Asian Americans From Coronavirus Bullying
Resonate, September 7, 2020

'Fresh Off the Boat' star Hudson Yang talks how to stop hate, racism against Asian Americans
ABC 7 News, September 6, 2020

Program aims to protect Asian youth from COVID-19 bullying, gets Kamala Harris' support
NBC News, September 5, 2020
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Marin nonprofit joins fight against Asian American bigotry
Marin IJ, September 1, 2020

Leaders call on educators to help stop spread of anti-Asian racism
SFBay, August 29, 2020

“Stand Up For AAPI Youth During COVID” Initiative launched
AsAm News, August 27, 2020

Stand Up For AAPI Youth
KTSF26, August 27, 2020

Regional: Schools Asked To Fight Racism And Stereotyping Especially During Pandemic
SF Gate, August 26, 2020

Stand Up For AAPI Youth
Sky Link TV, August 26, 2020

Laura Talmus of Beyond Differences: 5 Steps That Each Of Us Can Take To Proactively Help Heal Our Country
Authority Magazine, July 8, 2020

Protect Our Children: Stress, Coping, and Hope
ABC7NY, April 20, 2020

5 Organizations Supporting Students in Oregon
Ezvid Wiki, April 26, 2020

Marin Non-Profit Feature
Marin Magazine, December, 2019

Know Your Classmates:

“Know Your Classmates” – A Call to End Racism and Stereotyping
About Islam, October 23, 2019

“Know Your Classmates”: US National Campaign Planned to Combat Hate
About Islam, October 17, 2019

LA Rams touchdown at San Fernando Valley schools with message of diversity
Los Angeles Daily News, October 16, 2018

LA Rams Celebrate Know Your Classmates
NBC, October 16, 2018

LA Rams players and cheerleaders visit Magnolia Science Magnet 2 in Van Nuys
The San Fernando Valley Sun, October 19, 2018

Meet 115 Changemakers Working With Facebook To Bring The World Together
Forbes, September 25, 2018

Leaving Bullying Behind
Facebook inspirED, September 12, 2017

Know Your Classmates Helps Teachers Tackle Stereotypes and Prejudice to Make Schools More Inclusive for All
August 15, 2017

Anti-Bullying Campaign Asks Students to 'Know Your Classmate'
NBC News, September 29, 2016

City leaders hail curriculum for combating Islamophobia in SF schools
San Francisco Examiner, September 30, 2016

No One Eats Alone:

Protect Our Children: Stress, Coping, and Hope
*ABC7NY, April 20, 2020

All kids included in ‘No One Eats Alone’ program
*The Courier, January 24, 2020

More No One Eats Alone Media Coverage

Taking a bite out of loneliness
Queens Chronicle, June 1, 2017

No One Eats Alone program comes to our school
Newsday, March 30, 2017

Kids lead the way with 'No One Eats Alone'
Waterloo-Cedar Falls Courier, March 24, 2017

Dear Abby: Program Encourages Students to Eat Together at Lunch
Houston Chronicle. March 10, 2017

Knoxville implementing "No One Eats Alone" program
Knoxville Journal Express, January 31, 2017

Battling Bullying: Cool Ways Five Kids Are Standing Up for Themselves and Their Classmates Parade, October 1, 2016

Grosse Ile students stand up against bullying with No One Eats Alone initiative
The News-Herald, March 14, 2016

Clarence Ruth students kick off No One Eats Alone program
Lompoc Record, March 1, 2016

New Lunch Program at EPISD Seeks to Help Students Feel Included
El Paso Herald-Post, February 20, 2016

No loners at lunch
Washington County Pilot Tribune & Enterprise, February 16, 2016

32 Newark Public Schools Celebrate National No One Eats Alone Day to Promote Inclusion
Newark Public Schools, February 12, 2016

"No One Eats Alone" day at Ferber Elementary
Fox 11 News, February 12, 2016

Pasadena students want their personal stories facing cyberbullying to inspire you Pasadena Star News, January 21, 2016

Students Celebrate Be The One Day
Mill Valley Herald, April 29, 2015

Be the One campaign targets kids, isolation
San Francisco Chronicle, September 23, 2013

Never Truly Alone: Teens Spread Message, Fight Silent Problem in Schools
Mill Valley Herald, May 21, 2015

Eating Alone Discouraged At San Francisco School ABC 7 News, February 13, 2015

Beyond Differences Asks Kids To Break Bread With Peers Chicago Tribune, January 30, 2015

Affton Students Switch Up Seating In Cafeteria
St. Louis Post-Dispatch, February 13, 2015

Gavin Newsom Boosts Teen in Anti-Bullying Campaign
Marin Independent Journal, October 5, 2014

Be Kind Online:

Being Kind Online Takes On New Urgency as Socially Isolated Kids and Teens Find It’s Their Only Destination
The 74, April 7, 2020

Hopatcong Middle School - Call It Out Day!
Hopatcong Lake Regional News, May 8, 2018

Call It Out Day at P.S. 135Q
BellaireSchool.com, May 1, 2018

LI students pledge to combat cyberbullying for Call It Out Day
News 12 Long Island, April 27, 2018

Elementary student will sponsor National Call It Out Day activities at her school
Mon Valley Independent eEdition, April 21, 2018

#CallItOutDay Empowers Kids To Be Kind Online
Scary Mommy, April 26, 2017


Stand Up For AAPI Youth Press Conference - Beyond Differences and CYCSF

ABC7NY - Protect Our Children: Stress, Coping, and Hope

PBS Inside California Education: No One Eats Alone

CBS - LA Rams Jake McQuaide Celebrating Know Your Classmates Day

Fox - Portland Celebrates Know Your Classmates | Beverly Cleary

KTVU - Students Rising to End Social Isolation

Out Of North Bay Parents' Grief, Help For Thousands Of "Socially Isolated" Teens

KGO Bay Area and San Francisco News: Know Your Classmates

KTVU Coverage of Know Your Classmates
Meet the Teen Using Tech to Make the Lunch Table a More Friendly Place, NBC Nightly News

Watch Beyond Differences on KTVU Channel 2!

Beyond Differences co-founder Laura Talmus honored with Jefferson Award for Public Service


The Non-Profit Happy Hour
Discussion of social isolation with Portland teen board members Alder and Owen along with our regional director Sheri Louis

Teen Board member Sophia Salesky guest host on 'Lighting the Educational Flame' with Marc Hoberman

Interview with Laura Talmus
The Financial Wake Up Show with Daniel Choi, October 1, 2017

Middle School Doesn't Have to Be an Isolating Experience
Giving Back Podcast #154 with Rob Lowe, September 25, 2017

Beyond Differences student leaders advocate against “You Can’t Sit With Us” T-Shirts

National Programs

Know Your Classmates

Our innovative national programs have inspired a cultural and behavioral shift at middle schools and high schools across the country. Join our movement to end social isolation by bringing one or all of these programs to your school.

Know Your Classmates is designed to explore middle school youth's identity and belonging, understand traditions, and recognize stereotypes. Multi-cultural and multi-faith backgrounds are common in today's schools and Know Your Classmates is speaking honestly with children about their feelings and experiences with one another. Know Your Classmates Day is Friday, October 23, 2020!

No One Eats Alone

No One Eats Alone™ teaches everyone how to make friends at lunch, often the most difficult part of the school day. Created and organized by students, this is our most popular program where schools in all 50 United States participate! National No One Eats Alone Day is Friday, February 12, 2021.

Be Kind Online

Be Kind Online is a powerful engagement program for middle school youth, their teachers and families. Focused on creating inclusive communities online, particularly learning to respond to digital gossip to reduce social isolation, Be Kind Online Day is May 14, 2021.

All of our programs encourage taking the pledge to never exclude others, reaching out to someone new, and spreading the word that inclusion is cool!