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Thank you to our Beyond Differences Speakeasy 2018 Donors:

Premiere Corporate Sponsor

Centene Charitable Foundation

Friends with Heavy Sugar

Federated Indians of Graton Rancheria
Superintendent Mary Jane Burke, Dr. Thomas Peters, and the Marin Community Foundation

Putting on the Ritz

PG&E: Pacific Gas and Electric
Carol & Ed Lehrman
Laura Talmus & Ace Smith
Jacqueline Neuwirth & Stephen Swire
Joan & Ken Gosliner
Joyce Aboussie
Janet & Clint Reilly

Going Gangbusters

San Francisco 49ers
San Francisco Giants
Barbara & Scott Waxman
Russell & Joan Pratt
Cris Genovese-Prescott
Arthur Wachtel & Vinati Mishra
Honorable Eleni Kounalakis
Alan Pomerantz & Evie Talmus
Barbara & James Westermeyer
Gale Mondry & Bruce Cohen
Mercedes-Benz of Marin

The Bees Knees

Grace Alexander & Josh Brier
Seagate Properties, Inc.
Cathy Dobbs Goldstein & Philip Goldstein
Barbara & Charles Goodman
H. Marcia Smolens & Richard Rubin
Lizbeth & Stuart Sunshine
Lee & Honorable Stuart Pollak
Marjorie Swig
Mount Tamalpais Cemetery & Mortuary
Five Point

The Cat's Meow

Todd & Susan Christman
Rose & Chris Barlow
Sue & Dick Wollack
Dan Newman and Amber Reed
BNY Mellon Wealth Management
Hanson Bridgett, LLP
Ellen & Rabbi Doug Kahn
Norman & Carol Traeger
Navolio & Tallman, LLP
Sheri & Doug Mowbray
Ruth & Michael Chavez
Marcel Houtzager
West, Inc.
Sharon Lichtenfeld & Ed Hurwitz
Amy Grossman
Cindy Goldberg
Anne Maggioncalda
Drs. Mary De May & Thomas Neylan
Arlo Smith & Jane Howell
Gorton & Schmohl Orthodontics
Ed Talmus
Mauree Jane and Mark Perry
Rachel & David Metz
Wendy & Howard Kleckner
Gary Cohn
Shasta Nelson
Linda & Joe Salesky
Deborah Lopez /Paragon Real Estate
Betsy & Joel Hausman
Honorable Darrell & Julie Steinberg
Lisa Grove
Mary Jung
Steven Kay
Otis Bruce, Jr. - Senior Deputy DA in Marin and founder of MAAPN
Barbara J. Meislin
Diane & Howard Zack
Davi Lang
Sean & Sarah Clegg
Sheila Mackay

FRIENDS WITH HEAVY SUGAR - $25,000 (10 tickets)

Sponsors our 65-member Teen Board of Directors for one full year including leadership training, overnight retreat, monthly meetings, guest speakers, and teen-led middle school assembly programs!

PUTTING ON THE RITZ - $10,000 (8 tickets)

Funds one middle school overnight retreat for 50 students. Beyond Differences retreats inspire, train and prepare middle school students to take action towards changing the culture in their schools!

GOING GANGBUSTERS - $5,000 (6 tickets)

Sponsors 25 middle schools anywhere in the United States for our national awareness event days including Know Your Classmates Day, No One Eats Alone Day, and Call It Out Day!

THE BEES KNEES - $2,500 (4 tickets)

Sponsors all Bay Area middle school Beyond Differences student leaders by providing branded gear for their presentations and year-end parties!

THE CAT’S MEOW - $1,000 (2 tickets)

Funds a parent and teacher public education event on social isolation!

BOOTLEGGER - $250 (1 ticket)

Sponsors a guest teacher at our middle school leadership training retreats!