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Social Redux April 27, 2019

Wow! What a night!

Thank You to Our Sponsors and Guests!

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Photo booth photos here.

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Thank You to Our Sponsors!

Corporate Sponsors

Friends For A Lifetime

Fullerton Family Foundation

Friends We Can Really Count On

Marin Community Foundation

Friends Who Inspire Us

Richard Figueroa / California Endowment
Dr. Anita Friedman / Koret Foundation
Carol & Ed Lehrman
Laura Talmus & Ace Smith
Jacqueline Neuwirth & Stephen Swire
Joan & Ken Gosliner
The Janet & Clint Reilly Family Foundation
Gale & Bruce Mondry
Joyce Aboussie
Keith Brackpool

Friends Who Make Us Better People

Wendy Coblentz & Jim Lowy
Vinati Misha & Arthur Wachtel
Barbara & Scott Waxman
Evie Talmus & Alan J. Pomerantz
Joni & Russ Pratt
San Francisco 49ers
Sharon & Sam Singer
Eleni Koulanakis
Dave & Ann Peckenpaugh Becker
Credit Suisse

Friends Who Always Have Our Back

Rose & Chris Barlow
Gisela Lake & Larry Krause
Seagate Properties, Inc.
Annie Sammis
Lee & Stuart Pollak
Lisa Grove & Stephen J. Becker
Hali Croner & Eugene Palmer
Toby & Robert Rubin
San Francisco Giants
H. Marcia Smolens & Richard Rubin
Lisbet & Stuart Sunshine
Roselyne C. Swig
Cathy Dobbs Goldstein & Philip Goldstein
Barbara & James Westermeyer
Grace Alexander & Josh Brier

Friends Who Make Life More Fun

Ed Talmus
Gorton & Schmohl Orthodontics
Bank of America
Sharon & Ted Block
Jane Howell & H. Arlo Smith
Danielle & Gail Simon
Steve Nissen / NBCUniversal
Drs. Mary Demay & Thomas Neyland
Eve O'Toole & Leslie Pollner
Wade Rakes & Nicolas T. Miller
Lisa & Matthew Chanoff
Paulette Meyer & David Friedman
Elizabeth Gard & Thomas Furlong
Chris Modrzejewski
Jamel & Thomas Perkins
Kathy & Pete Sittnick
Rachel & David Metz
Susan & Robert Wolfe
Lynn Altshuler & Stan Herzstein
Peggy Ackerberg
Ruth & Michael Chavez
Wendy & Howard Kleckner
Kim Weiss & David Weinfeld
Amber Reed & Dan Newman
Betsy & Joel Hausman
Marjorie McMorris

Friends We’re So Glad We Met

Emilie Valentine & Doug Harvill
Tom Richards
Marsha & Ralph Guggenheim
Louis Haas
Paul Wiseman
Leslie & Joel Greenberg
Lucy McAllister
Victoria Grey & George Symons
Steven Bileca
Helene Roos
Mary Jung
Jeanne Rizzo
Dena & John Selix
Ellen Chaitin & V. Roy Lefcourt
Suzanne & Andrew Gaudin
Jeff Greendorfer
Sharon Lichtenfeld
Carolyn Hambleton
Debbie Hanks
Dave Hasse
Michaela Simpson
Lee Berger
Sergio Lopez
Tom O'Neill
Kaz Zemanek
Lisa Spiegel & Michael Ungar
Carol & Alan Feren
Gloria and Accie Mitchel
Barbara & Mordechai Winter
Judy Bloom
Frances Berger
Lee Berger
Judy & Mel Croner
The Friedman Family Charitable Trust
Rabbi Stacy Friedman
Cris Genovese Prescott & Alex Prescott
Julie Jay
Douglas Levy
Marlene Litvak & Bruce Fisher
Linda McCathy
Claudia & Danny Perez
Lisa S. Pritzker
Dee Marie & Adrian Rawlinson
Dana Ritter
Jeanie & Richard Schram
Michaela Simpson
Alyssa Taubman & Robert Rothman
Deena Grady Berger & Glenn Berger
Joan Lubamersky
Rebecca & Tom Sylla
Allyson & Darin Cline
Vetra Davis
Lori Horne
Keiko Wright
Zhara Ali
Geraldine Miller
Sandra Treacy & Robert Buncker
Carol & Norman Traegar
Devon & Daniel MacEachron
Nina Grove & Kenneth Johnson
Joanne & Fred Greene
Judy & Jordan Bloom
Suzanne & Andrew Gaudin
Sharon Lichtenfeld
Ronald Brownstein
Sandra Hill
Joy Weiss
Amber & Paul Aguirre

National Programs

Know Your Classmates

Our innovative national programs have inspired a cultural and behavioral shift at middle schools and high schools across the country. Join our movement to end social isolation by bringing one or all of these programs to your school.

Know Your Classmates is designed to explore middle school youth's identity and belonging, understand traditions, and recognize stereotypes. Multi-cultural and multi-faith backgrounds are common in today's schools and Know Your Classmates is speaking honestly with children about their feelings and experiences with one another. Know Your Classmates Day is Friday, October 25, 2019!

No One Eats Alone

No One Eats Alone™ teaches everyone how to make friends at lunch, often the most difficult part of the school day. Created and organized by students, this is our most popular program where schools in all 50 United States participate! National No One Eats Alone Day is Friday, February 14, 2020.

Be Kind Online

Be Kind Online is a powerful engagement program for middle school youth, their teachers and families. Focused on creating inclusive communities online, particularly learning to respond to digital gossip to reduce social isolation, Be Kind Online Day is May 15, 2020.

All of our programs encourage taking the pledge to never exclude others, reaching out to someone new, and spreading the word that inclusion is cool!


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