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We're so excited that we have so many schools participating in Know Your Classmates day!

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Welcome to Know Your Classmates!

We are passionate about inspiring youth to end social isolation and feel included. Take action with us -- it's easy! $55 will send a free Activity Box to a school anywhere in the United States in time for Know Your Classmates Day, October 20, 2017!

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These schools have already signed up!
  • Aaron Decker School
    (Butler, New Jersey)
  • Academy for College Preparation & Career Exploration
    (Brooklyn, New York)
  • Academy for International Education Charter School
    (Miami Springs, Florida)
  • ACCESS Academy
    (Portland, Oregon)
  • Adele Harrison Middle School
    (Sonoma, California)
  • Adrien Block IS 25
    (Flushing, New York)
  • Al-Minhaal Academy
    (Edison, New Jersey)
  • ALbert D. Lawton
    (Essex Junction, Vermont)
  • Alden Hebron Elementary School
    (Hebron, Illinois)
  • alexander Hamilton Preparatory Academy Annex
    (elizabeth, New Jersey)
  • Alison Goodman
    (Mill Valley, California)
  • All Saints Cathedral School
    (St. Thomas, Virginia)
    (TAMPICO, Texas)
  • Amherst Junior High School
    (Amherst, Ohio)
  • Anderson School
    (Bozeman, Montana)
  • Andrews School
    (Whittier, California)
  • Ann Richards School for Young Women Leaders
    (Manchaca, Texas)
  • Arbor Park Intermediate
    (Bennington, Nebraska)
  • Arleta K-8
    (Portland, Oregon)
  • Arthur T Cummings Elementary
    (winthrop, Massachusetts)
  • Athens dr
    (cary, North Carolina)
  • Aurora Middle School
    (Aurora, Nebraska)
  • Banana Kelly Collaborative High School
    (Bronx,, New York)
  • Bancroft Middle School
    (San Leandro, California)
  • Barkalow Middle School
    (Freehold, New Jersey)
  • Beach Elementary
    (Portland, Oregon)
  • Bear Valley Middle School
    (Escondido, California)
  • Beaumont Middle School
    (Portland, Oregon)
  • Belhaven Middle School
    (Linwood, New Jersey)
  • Belle Fourche Middle School
    (Belle Fourche, South Dakota)
  • Bellevue West
    (Bellevue, Nebraska)
  • Belmont Middle
    (Belmont, North Carolina)
  • Ben Franklin
    (Harrisburg, Pennsylvania)
  • Ben Franklin Elementary School
    (Harrisburg, Pennsylvania)
    (Toledo, Ohio)
  • Beverly Cleary @ Fernwood
    (Portland, Oregon)
  • Beyond the Bell/los Angeles unified school district
    (Gardena, California)
  • Blair High School
    (Blair, Nebraska)
  • Blanche Charles Elementary School
    (Calexico, California)
  • Blue Mountain Union School
    (Wells River, Vermont)
  • Blue Oak School
    (Napa, California)
  • Blueprint Middle School
    (Garfield, New Jersey)
  • Blueprint Middle School
    (Bronx, New York)
  • Blumfield Elementary School
    (Omaha, Nebraska)
  • Bogle Junior High
    (CHandler, Arizona)
  • Bolinas-Stinson Union School
    (Bolinas, California)
  • Boone Central Elementary
    (Albion, Nebraska)
  • Boscobel Area Schools
    (Boscobel, Wisconsin)
  • BPCS- Clinton Hill Middle
    (Brooklyn, New York)
  • Bradford, VT
    (Bradford, Vermont)
  • Branchburg Central Middle School
    (Somerville, New Jersey)
  • Brantley High School
    (Brantley, Alabama)
  • Brass Castle School
    (Washington Township, New Jersey)
  • Bret Harte
    (Sacramento, California)
  • Bret Harte Middle School
    (San Jose, California)
  • Bridgewater Raritan MIddle School
    (Bridgewater, New Jersey)
  • Bridgewater-Raritan Middle School
    (Bridgewater, New Jersey)
  • Brooklyn Academy of Science and the Environment
    (Brooklyn, New York)
  • Brooklyn Collaborative
    (Brooklyn, New York)
  • Brooklyn Collegiate HS
    (Brooklyn, New York)
  • Brooklyn Environmental Exploration School
    (Brooklyn, New York)
  • Brookside Middle School
    (Sheffield, Ohio)
  • Brown Middle School
    (Madison, Connecticut)
  • Brunswick High School
    (Portland, Maine)
  • Bryan Middle School
    (Elmhurst, Illinois)
  • Buhrer Dual Language Academy
    (Cleveland, Ohio)
  • Butler Middle School
    (Waukesha, Wisconsin)
  • Butler School
    (Antioch, Illinois)
  • Camp Curtin Middle School
    (Harrisburg, Pennsylvania)
  • Campus international
    (Cleveland, Ohio)
  • Canaan Memorial High School
    (Canaan, Vermont)
  • Carroll Elementary
    (Shiremanstown, Pennsylvania)
  • Carrollwood Day School
    (tampa, Florida)
  • Case Elementary
    (Cleveland, Ohio)
  • Case School
    (Clevleand, Ohio)
  • Central Intermediate School
    (Wadsworth, Ohio)
  • Central middle
    (Baton Rouge, Louisiana)
  • Central Middle School
    (Waterloo, Iowa)
  • Cesar Chavez
    (portland, Oregon)
  • Cesar Chavez Middle School
    (Hayward, California)
  • Challenge Charter Middle School
    (Far Rockaway, New York)
  • Chester Creek Academy
    (Duluth, Minnesota)
  • Chief Kanim Middle School
    (Redmond, Washington)
  • Chippewa Elementary School
    (Holtsville, New York)
  • Christopher Columbus School #15
    (Elizabeth, New Jersey)
  • CICS Irving Park
    (Chicago, Illinois)
  • CICS Prairie
    (Chicago, Illinois)
  • Circle of Seasons
    (Allentown, Pennsylvania)
  • Claire Lilienthal Alternative K-8
    (San francisco, California)
  • Clanton Middle School
    (Clanton, Alabama)
  • Clara Westropp
    (Cleveland, Ohio)
  • Claremont Middle
    (Oakland, California)
  • CLaremont Middle School
    (Oakland, California)
  • Cloquet Middle School
    (Cloquet, Minnesota)
  • Colerain Middle School
    (Cincinnati, Ohio)
  • Collaborative Learning Solutions
    (Temecula, California)
  • Compass Academy
    (Denver, Colorado)
  • Coral Park Elementary
    (Miami, Florida)
  • Cornelia Connelly Center
    (New York, New York)
  • Corte Madera
    (Portola Valley, California)
  • Country Meadows Elementary School
    (Long Grove, Illinois)
  • Cove School
    (Northbrook, Illinois)
  • Creative Science School
    (Portland, Oregon)
  • Creekside Middle School
    (Castro Valley, California)
  • Creekview Middle School
    (Fort Worth, Texas)
  • Creston Academy
    (Bronx, New York)
  • Crete Monee Middle School
    (University Park, Illinois)
  • Crossroads Academy
    (philadelphia, Pennsylvania)
  • Daniel Webster Middle School
    (Waukegan, Illinois)
  • daVinci Arts MS
    (Portland, Oregon)
  • Daytop Preparatory School
    (Blauvelt,, New York)
  • DC Public Schools-Hyde Addison
    (Washington, District of Columbia)
  • Deerpark
    (Austin, Texas)
  • Delta Charter
    (Tracy, California)
  • Denver Center for International Studies
    (Glendale, Colorado)
  • Dighton Middle School
    (Dighton, Rhode Island)
  • Dodd Middle School
    (Freeport, New York)
  • Downey Elementary
    (Harrisurg, Pennsylvania)
  • Downey Elementary School
    (Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania)
  • Downey School
    (Harrisburg, Pennsylvania)
  • Dr. Alma Flagg School
    (Newark, New Jersey)
  • Dr. Charles C Polk School
    (Roselle, New Jersey)
  • Dr. Charles C. Polk
    (Roselle, New Jersey)
  • Dr. Charles C. Polk Elementary
    (Roselle, New Jersey)
  • Dr. Charles C. Polk Elementary School
    (Roselle, New Jersey)
  • Dr. Lewis D. Stallworth SR. Charter Schools, Inc.
    (Stockton, California)
  • Dr. Ronald E. McNair?public School 5
    (Brooklyn, New York)
  • Dr. Ronald E. McNair/Public School 5
    (Brooklyn, New York)
  • EAC
    (Compton, California)
  • Earle
    (Chicago, Illinois)
  • East Canton Middle School
    (East Canton, Ohio)
  • East Prairie School
    (Skokie, Illinois)
  • East-West School of International Studies
    (Flushing, New York)
  • Eastern Middle School
    (Silver Spring, Maryland)
  • EBC High School Bushwick for Public Service
    (Brooklyn, New York)
  • Ecot
    (Cleveland, Ohio)
  • Edgerton Middle School
    (Edgerton, Wisconsin)
  • Edison Middle School
    (Wheaton, Illinois)
  • Edna Brewer Middle School
    (Oakland, California)
  • Edsel Ford
    (dearborn, Michigan)
    (Elgin, Oklahoma)
  • Elkhorn Valley School
    (Tilden, Nebraska)
  • Ella F. Young Elem.
    (Chicago, Illinois)
  • Elmer A. Wolfe Elementary
    (Union Bridge, Maryland)
  • Elsie Johnson School
    (Hanover Park, Illinois)
  • Ernie Pyle Middle School
    (Albuquerque, New Mexico)
  • Ethel Phillips
    (Sacramento, California)
  • Eula JH/HS
    (Abilene, Texas)
  • Eva
    (Eva, Alabama)
  • Evanston
    (Evanston, Illinois)
  • Evergreen Junior High School
    (Kalispell, Montana)
  • Fairfield Center School
    (Fairfield, Vermont)
  • Fernando Rivera School
    (the picture of the kids at the top in pink are from Fernando...I sent the picture)
    (Daly City, California)
  • Fillmore Central Middle School
    (Fairmont, Nebraska)
  • Forsythe Middle School
    (Ann Arbor, Michigan)
  • Frank A. Brodnicki School
    (Lockport, Illinois)
  • Franklin Academy
    (Wake Forest, North Carolina)
  • Fredonia Central School
    (Fredonia, New York)
  • Fredonia Middle School
    (fredonia, New York)
  • Fusion Academy
    (new york, New York)
  • G. Harold Antrim
    (Pt. Pleasant Beach, New Jersey)
  • Gainesville Middle School for the Arts & Sciences
    (Bristow, Virginia)
  • Gamewell Middle School
    (Lenoir, North Carolina)
  • Garden Spot High School
    (New Holland, Pennsylvania)
  • Garfield Middle School
    (Hamilton, Ohio)
  • George I Sanchez
    (Houston, Texas)
  • Gordon Russell Middle School
    (Gresham, Oregon)
  • Grace Abbott Elementary
    (omaha, Nebraska)
  • Granada Middle School
    (Whittier, California)
  • Greater Latrobe High School
    (Latrobe, Pennsylvania)
  • Greenwood School
    (Corte Madera, California)
  • Gresham High School
    (Gresham, Oregon)
  • Grisham MS- RRISD
    (Austin, Texas)
  • Haines Middle School
    (St. Charles, Illinois)
  • Hall Middle School
    (Larkspur, California)
  • Harborside Middle School
    (milford, Connecticut)
  • Harrisburg SD
    (Windsor, Pennsylvania)
  • Harry S Truman
    (Lake Hiawatha, New Jersey)
  • Hartland Elementary
    (Hartland, Vermont)
  • Harvest Middle School
    (Napa, California)
  • Hawthorn Academy
    (West Jordan, Utah)
  • Hawthorne
    (Rochester, Minnesota)
  • Hedenkamp Elementary School
    (Chula Vista, California)
  • Heights Middle School
    (Farmington, New Mexico)
  • Herbison Woods School
    (DeWitt, Michigan)
  • Hickman County Middle School
    (Centerville, Tennessee)
  • Hidden Valley
    (San Anselmo, California)
  • High Bridge Middle School
    (High Bridge, New Jersey)
  • High Tech Early College
    (Denver, Colorado)
  • Highland Middle School
    (Highland, Illinois)
  • Hilmar High School
    (Hilmar, California)
  • Hoover High school
    (North Canton, Ohio)
  • Horning Middle School
    (Waukesha, WI 53186, Wisconsin)
  • Hostos-Lincoln Academy Middle School
    (Bronx, New York)
  • Hours Against Hate
    (Milwaukee, Wisconsin)
  • Hutchinson @ Howe
    (Detroit, Michigan)
  • Hutchinson @ Howe Elementary/Middle School
    (Detroit, Michigan)
  • Hutchinson Elementary Middle @ Howe
    (Detroit, Michigan)
  • I.S. 126
    (Queens, New York)
  • I.S. 192
    (St. Albans, New York)
  • I.S.93Q
    (Ridgewood, New York)
    (Cambria Heights, New York)
  • Imagine Schools at South Lake
    (Clermont, Florida)
  • International Leadership of Texas
    (Grand Prairie, Texas)
  • Inverness Middle School
    (Inverness, Florida)
  • Irmo Middle School
    (Columbia, South Carolina)
  • Irving Middle School
    (Lincoln, Nebraska)
  • Irvinton School
    (Portland, Oregon)
  • IS 25 Adrian Block
    (Flushing, New York)
  • IS 392
    (Brooklyn, New York)
  • J. Luptosn Simpson Middle School
    (Leesburg, Virginia)
  • J.B. Kennedy Elementary School
    (Burbank, Illinois)
  • Jackson Milton Elementary
    (North Jackson, Ohio)
  • Jackson Milton Elemetary
    (North Jackson, Ohio)
  • James B. Sanderlin PK-8
    (St. Petersburg, Florida)
  • James Madison Intermediate School
    (Edison, New Jersey)
  • Jamesburg
    (Jamesburg, New Jersey)
  • Jefferson Junior High
    (Woodridge, Illinois)
  • Jenkins Middle High School
    (Jenkins, Kentucky)
  • JHS /IS 162
    (Bronx, New York)
  • John Ericsson Middle School 126
    (Brooklyn, New York)
  • John W. Dodd
    (North Massapequa, New York)
  • John W. Dodd Middle School
    (Freeport, New York)
  • Juan Morel Campos
    (Brooklyn, New York)
  • Jubilee Academic Center
    (Brownsville, Texas)
  • JW Dodd middle school
    (Levittown, New York)
  • KCSD96
    (Buffalo Grove, Illinois)
  • Kelvin Grove School
    (Lockport, Illinois)
  • Kenmoor Middle School
    (Landover, Maryland)
  • Kickemuit Middle School
    (Warren, Rhode Island)
  • Kiewit Middle School
    (Omaha, Nebraska)
  • King Middle School
    (Hayward, California)
  • King Street Intermediate School
    (Danbury, Connecticut)
  • Kings River Union
    (Kingsburg, California)
  • KIPP Aspire Academy
    (San Antonio, Texas)
  • KIPP Heritage Academy
    (San Jose, California)
  • Kyrene del Pueblo
    (Chandler, Arizona)
  • La Merced Intermediate
    (Montebello, California)
  • La Purisima Catholic School
    (Orange, California)
  • Lafayette
    (Bound Brook, New Jersey)
  • Langston Middle School
    (Oberlin, Ohio)
  • Lazear Academy
    (Oakland, California)
  • Lead-Deadwood Middle School
    (Lead, South Dakota)
  • Learning Community Charter School
    (Jersey city, New Jersey)
  • Ledyard Middle
    (Gales Ferry, Connecticut)
  • Lent Middle School
    (Portland, Oregon)
  • Les Paul Middle School
    (Waukesha, Wisconsin)
  • Lewis & Clark Middle School
    (Bellevue, Nebraska)
  • Lewis and Clark
    (Omaha, Nebraska)
  • Lewis and Clark Middle School
    (Bellevue, Nebraska)
  • Liberty Middle School
    (West Fargo, North Dakota)
  • Lincoln East High School
    (Lincoln, Nebraska)
  • Linda Vista Adventist elementary School
    (Oxnard, California)
  • Linda Vista Adventist Elementary School
    (Oxnard, California)
  • Litchfield Public School
    (Litchfield, Nebraska)
  • Littlefork - Big Falls
    (Littlefork, Minnesota)
  • Longfellow
    (Berkeley, California)
  • Longfellow Middle School
    (Lorain, Ohio)
  • Lorain County Board of Mental Health
    (Lorain, Ohio)
  • Lords Park Elementary School School District U-46
    (Elgin, Illinois)
  • Louise A. Spencer CommUNITY School
    (Newark, New Jersey)
  • Louise Van Meter Elementary
    (Los Gatos, California)
  • Louisville Middle School
    (Louisville, Nebraska)
  • Lowrie Elementary School
    (Elgin, Illinois)
  • Mabel G. Holmes
    (Elizabeth, New Jersey)
  • Madison Public Schools
    (Madison, Nebraska)
  • Magruder Middle School
    (Torrance, California)
  • Manzanita Charter Middle School
    (Richmond, California)
  • Margaret Bell Miller Middle
    (Waynesburg, Pennsylvania)
  • Margaret W. Cuyler Red Creek
    (Red Creek, New York)
  • Marin Primary & Middle School
    (Larkspur, California)
  • Marion C. Seltzer
    (Cleveland, Ohio)
  • Marion Jr High
    (Marion, Illinois)
  • Marion School
    (Marion, Montana)
  • Marisa Gates Muse
    (Calipatria, California)
  • marlborough
    (los angeles, California)
  • Marshall Math Science Academy
    (Harrisburg, Pennsylvania)
  • Martinez Junior High School
    (Martinez, California)
  • Mary Daly Elementary
    (Elkhart, Indiana)
  • Mason Middle School
    (Waterford, Michigan)
  • Matawan-Aberdeen Middle School
    (RED BANK, New Jersey)
  • Mater Chrisit School
    (Burlington, Vermont)
  • May Ranch Elementary School
    (Perris, California)
  • McHenry High School West Campus
    (McHenry, Illinois)
  • MCHS
    (McHenry, Illinois)
  • McKinley
    (South Holland, Illinois)
  • McPherson
    (Chicago, Illinois)
  • Melzer
    (Morton Grove, Illinois)
  • Memorial Middle School
    (Middlebury, Connecticut)
  • Merrill Middle School
    (Des Moines, Iowa)
  • Mesa View Middle School
    (Calimesa, California)
  • Michelangelo Junior High School 144
    (Bronx, New York)
  • Middle School 224
    (Bronx, New York)
  • Middle School 224- Science School for Exploration and Discovery
    (Bronx, New York)
  • Midview Middle School
    (Grafton, Ohio)
  • Mill Valley Middle School
    (Mill Valley, California)
  • Millard Central Middle School
    (Omaha, Nebraska)
  • Miller Creek Middle School
    (San Rafael, California)
  • Miller School District 29-4
    (MILLER, South Dakota)
  • Mindful Learning Academy
    (Penngrove, California)
  • Monroe elementary school
    (Hinsdale, Illinois)
  • Montebello
    (Phoenix, Arizona)
  • Montgomery Intermediate School
    (Montgomery, Texas)
  • Morris-Union Jointure Commission
    (Warren, New Jersey)
  • Mosaic Preparatory Academy
    (New York City, New York)
  • Mosaic Preparatory Academy
    (new york, New York)
  • Mossy Creek Elementary School
    (Cleveland, Georgia)
  • Mott Hall IV
    (Brooklyn, New York)
  • Mount Tamalpais School
    (San rafael, California)
  • MS 104 Simon Baruch
    (New York, New York)
  • MS 118
    (Bronx, New York)
  • MS 424 Hunts Point Middle School
    (Bronx, New York)
  • MS 442 Carroll Gardens School for Innovation
    (Brooklyn, New York)
  • MS267 The Math, Science and Technology Institute
    (New York, New York)
  • Mt. Pisgah Middle School
    (Cordova, Tennessee)
  • Muraski Elementary School
    (Strongsville, Ohio)
  • Nagel Middle School
    (Cincinnati, Ohio)
  • Nativity Academy
    (Louisville, Kentucky)
  • NEST+m
    (New York, New York)
  • New Renaissance Middle School
    (Miramar, Florida)
  • New York City Academy for Discovery
    (Woodhaven, New York)
  • NewHope Academy
    (Niles, Illinois)
    (Elmhurst, New York)
  • Normal West High School
    (Normal, Illinois)
  • North Lake School
    (Hartland, Wisconsin)
  • North Park Academy of the Arts
    (Pico Rivera, California)
  • North Shore Middle School
    (Hartland, Wisconsin)
  • Northstar Charter
    (Eagle, Idaho)
  • Northwest Guilford Middle
    (Greensboro, North Carolina)
  • Northwest Middle School
    (Florissant, Missouri)
  • Northwood Junior High School
    (Highland Park, Illinois)
  • Norwich Public Schools
    (Norwich, Connecticut)
  • Notre Dame Prep Marist Academy
    (Pontiac, Michigan)
  • Novi Meadows
    (Novi, Michigan)
    (Staten Island, New York)
  • O'Neill Jr/Sr High
    (Orchard, Nebraska)
  • Oak Hall School
    (Gainesville, Florida)
  • Oakdale Junior High
    (Oakdale, California)
  • Oakdale Junior High School
    (Oakdale, California)
  • Oakhill Elementary
    (Streamwood, Illinois)
  • Oliver Wendell Holmes M.S.
    (Dallas, Texas)
  • Oradell Public School
    (Oradell, New Jersey)
  • Orangeburg Preparatory School
    (Orangeburg, South Carolina)
  • Orchard Lake Middle School
    (West Bloomfield, Michigan)
  • Oregon Middle School
    (Medford, New York)
  • our lady of mercy
    (daly city, California)
  • our lady of mercy school
    (daly city, California)
  • Oxford Preparatory Academy
    (Chino, California)
  • P.S. 1 The Tottenville School
    (Staten Island, New York)
  • P.S. 207/Fillmore Academy
    (Brooklyn, New York)
  • P.S. 327 Dr. English B. Rose
    (Brooklyn, New York)
  • P.S./I.S. 102
    (Elmhurst, New York)
  • P.S./I.S. 102Q
    (Elmhurst, New York)
  • P.S./I.S. 192
    (Brooklyn, New York)
  • P.S.66, School of Higher Expectation
    (Bronx, New York)
  • P.S.66, School of Higher Expectations
    (Bronx, New York)
  • P140k
    (Floral Park, New York)
  • Pablo Casals MS 181
    (Bronx, New York)
  • Pablo Neruda Academy
    (Bronx, New York)
  • Pacific Crest Middle School
    (Bend, Oregon)
  • Pacific grove middle school
    (Pacific grove, California)
  • Paradise Intermediate Schoo
    (Paradise, California)
  • Park Day School
    (Pleasant Hill, California)
  • Parkside Middle School
    (Manassas, Virginia)
  • Pathways College Preparatory School
    (St. Albans, New York)
  • Pathways to Graduation @ Tenzer Learning Center
    (New York, New York)
  • Pauline
    (Rancho Cucamonga, California)
  • Paxtonia Elementary School
    (Harrisburg, Pennsylvania)
  • Petaluma Junior High
    (Petaluma, California)
  • Phillips High
    (BEAR CREEK, Alabama)
  • Piedmont Middle School
    (Piedmont, California)
  • Pilgrim Park Middle School
    (Elm Grove, Wisconsin)
  • Plains Middle School
    (Plains, Texas)
  • Plainview-Old Bethpage Middle School
    (Plainview, New York)
  • Pleasant Hill Middle School
    (Pleasant HIll, California)
  • Pleasant Run Middle
    (Cincinnati, Ohio)
  • Poland McKinley Elementary
    (Poland, Ohio)
  • Pomfret Community School
    (Pomfret Center, Connecticut)
  • Pomolita Mddle School
    (Lucerne, California)
  • Pomona Middle School
    (Suffern, New York)
  • Porter Ridge middle school
    (Matthews, North Carolina)
  • Preparatory Academy for Writers
    (Springfield Gardens, New York)
  • Presbyterian Day School
    (Clarksdale, Mississippi)
  • Presidio Middle School
    (San Francisco, California)
  • Princeton Charter School
    (Princeton, New Jersey)
  • Prospect Sierra School
    (El Cerrito, California)
  • PS /MS 7 Samuel Stern School
    (New York, New York)
  • PS 03
    (New York, New York)
  • PS 102Q
    (Elmhurst, New York)
  • PS 120
    (Flushing, New York)
  • PS 120Q
    (Flushing, New York)
  • PS 121
    (Brooklyn, New York)
  • PS 16
    (Staten island, New York)
  • PS 207 Fillmore Academy
    (Brooklyn, New York)
  • PS 25
    (bronx, New York)
  • PS 27
    (Arverne, New York)
  • PS 30 The Westerleigh School
    (staten island, New York)
  • PS 30-The Westerleigh School
    (Staten Island, New York)
  • Ps 49
    (Glendale, New York)
  • PS 49
    (Bronx, New York)
  • PS 60
    (Woodhaven, New York)
  • PS 60Q
    (Woodhaven, New York)
  • PS 66Q
    (Richmond Hill, New York)
  • PS 71 The Rose E. Scala School
    (Bronx, New York)
  • PS 84
    (Brooklyn, New York)
  • PS IS 102
    (Elmhurst NY, New York)
  • PS/IS 178
    (Brooklyn, New York)
  • PS/IS 192
    (Brooklyn, New York)
  • PS/Is 49
    (middle village, New York)
  • PS/MS 124
    (Flushing, New York)
  • PS/MS 124Q
    (South Ozone Park, New York)
  • PS/MS147Q
    (Cambria Heights, New York)
  • PS19 The Curtis School
    (Staten Island, New York)
  • PS239
    (Ridgewood, New York)
  • Ranchero Middle School
    (hesperia, California)
  • Redland Middle School
    (Homestead, Florida)
    (CENTRAL ISLIP, New York)
  • Reeds Spring Middle School
    (Reeds Spring, Missouri)
  • Reeves Middle School
    (Olympia, Washington)
  • ReStart Academy
    (New York, New York)
  • Richard Henry Dana Middle School
    (San Pedro, California)
  • Richardson Middle School
    (Dracut, Massachusetts)
  • RideOut Elementary School
    (Middleburg, Florida)
  • Ridgeview STEM Jr. High
    (Pickerington, Ohio)
  • Riverside - Cleveland Metropolitan School District
    (Cleveland Heights, Ohio)
  • Riviera Middle School
    (Miami, Florida)
  • Robert A. Taft Middle School
    (Crown Point, Indiana)
  • Robert F Kennedy Middle School 250
    (Flushing, New York)
  • Robinson JH
    (Robinson, Texas)
  • Rockaway Collegiate High School
    (Rockaway Park, New York)
    (San jose, California)
  • Rogers Middle School
    (St Louis, Missouri)
  • Roosevelt
    (Redwood City, California)
  • Roosevelt Jr HIgh
    (modesto, California)
  • Roosevelt Middle School
    (Oakland, California)
  • Roseway Heights
    (Portland, Oregon)
  • Ross School
    (Ross, California)
  • Rowland Academy
    (Harrisburg, Pennsylvania)
  • Roycemore School`
    (Evanston, Illinois)
  • RSU #68 SeDoMoCha Middle School
    (Dover-Foxcroft, Maine)
  • Rushville Middle School
    (Lancaster, Ohio)
  • Russell O. Brackman Middle School
    (Barnegat, New Jersey)
  • Sacajawea Middle School
    (Federal Way, Washington)
  • Sacramento City Unified School District
    (Sacramento, California)
  • Sacred Heart Catholic School
    (Patterson, California)
  • Sacred Heart Elementary
    (LoS Angeles, California)
  • Sacred Heart School
    (Adams, Minnesota)
  • Saint Anne school
    (Santa Monica, California)
  • Saint Gabriel the Archangel School
    (Saint Charles, Missouri)
  • Saint Peter Middle/High School
    (Saint Peter, Minnesota)
  • Saint Philip the Apostle School
    (San Francisco, California)
  • Salem Church Middle
    (North Chesterfield, Virginia)
  • San Domenico School
    (San Anselmo, California)
  • School #11
    (Clifton, New Jersey)
  • School 5
    (Clifton, New Jersey)
  • school of Authors
    (New York, New York)
  • School of Science and Technology Discovery
    (San Antonio, Texas)
  • School of the Madeleine
    (Berkeley, California)
  • Scott
    (Harrisburg, Pennsylvania)
  • Scott Elementary School
    (Hershey, Pennsylvania)
  • Scott School
    (Harrisburg, Pennsylvania)
  • SeDoMoCha Elem
    (Dover-Foxcroft, Maine)
  • Select Prefix/Title
    (Portland, Oregon)
  • Sequoia Middle School
    (Fontana, California)
  • Sequoia Middle School
    (Fresno, California)
  • Seth Low
    (brooklyn, New York)
  • Seward Middle School
    (Seward, Nebraska)
  • SFDS
    (richmond, California)
  • Sheridan Japanese School
    (Sheridan, Oregon)
  • Sibley-Ocheyedan MS
    (Sibley, Iowa)
  • Sierra Madre Middle School
    (Monrovia, California)
  • Silverado Middle School
    (NAPA, California)
  • Singing River Academy
    (Gautier, Mississippi)
  • Skyview Middle School
    (Colorado Springs, Colorado)
  • Slater Elementary School
    (Atlanta, Georgia)
  • Smithville Elem.
    (SMithville, Texas)
  • Smithville Junior High
    (Smithville, Texas)
  • Somerville High School
    (Somerville, New Jersey)
  • Soundview Academy
    (Bronx, New York)
  • South Dale Middle School
    (Pinckard, Alabama)
  • Southaven Middle School
    (Southaben, Mississippi)
  • Southview Elementary School
    (Kearney, Missouri)
  • Spring Lake Heights Elementary
    (Spring Lake Heights, New Jersey)
  • Springer Elementary
    (Los Altos, California)
  • St Anne's Episcopal School
    (Denver, Colorado)
  • St joachim
    (Hayward, California)
  • St Rita School
    (Louisville, Kentucky)
  • St. Aloysius Catholic School
    (Bowling Green, Ohio)
  • St. Dominic Catholic School
    (Brookfield, Wisconsin)
  • St. Jerome
    (Maplewood, Minnesota)
  • St. John Paul II Catholic Preparatory School
    (Minneapolis, Minnesota)
  • St. John the Baptist Middle School
    (Sandy, Utah)
  • St. Joseph Catholic School
    (Placentia., California)
  • St. Matthews K-8
    (St. Matthews, South Carolina)
  • St. Michael Academy, San Diego
    (San Diego, California)
  • St. Theresa School
    (Palatine, Illinois)
  • star academy
    (san rafael, California)
  • Stone Middle School
    (Centreville, Virginia)
  • Stone Valley Middle School
    (Alamo, California)
  • sts. peter and paulschool
    (san francisco, California)
  • Sulphur Springs Middle School
    (Quitman, Texas)
  • Sunrise Middle School
    (San Jose,, California)
  • Sunset Park Prep - M.S. 821
    (Brooklyn, New York)
  • Sutter Middle School
    (Folsom, California)
  • Sycamore Jr. High
    (Anaheim, California)
  • Sylvandale Middle School
    (San Jose, California)
  • T.C. Marsh Preparatory Academy
    (Dallas, Texas)
  • Tabernacle School
    (Concord, California)
  • Tahoe Elementary
    (Sacramento, California)
    (San Rafael, California)
  • Teton Middle School
    (Driggs, Idaho)
  • The Brooklyn Latin School
    (Brooklyn, New York)
  • THE Eagle Academy for Young Men
    (Bronx, New York)
  • The Expression Academy at I.S. 229
    (Bronx, New York)
  • The Walter H. Crowley School of Leadership at I.S. 5
    (Elmhurst, New York)
  • THe Westerleigh School
    (staten island, New York)
  • Thomas A. proctor high school
    (Vernon center, New York)
  • Thomas E Weightman Middle School
    (Wesley Chapel, Florida)
  • Thomas Jefferson Middle School
    (Dubuque, Iowa)
  • Thomaston Center School
    (Thomaston, Connecticut)
  • Thompson Middle School
    (Middletown, New Jersey)
  • Three Rivers Charter School
    (Fort Bragg, California)
  • Timber Ridge Middle School
    (Plainfield, Illinois)
  • Trabuco Hills High School
    (FOOTHILL RANCH, California)
  • Turkey Creek Middle School
    (Lithia, Florida)
  • Turning Point Academy
    (Lanham, Maryland)
  • Twain M. S.
    (San Antonio, Texas)
  • Union County Academy for Allied Health Sciences
    (Scotch Plains, New Jersey)
  • University of Nebraska CoPH
    (Omaha, Nebraska)
  • Valle Del Sol
    (Coachella, California)
  • Valle del Sol Elementary School
    (Coachella, California)
  • Valley Center Middle School
    (Valley Center, California)
  • Valley View
    (Montville, New Jersey)
  • Veazie Community School
    (Veazie, Maine)
  • Venetia Valley TK-8
    (San Rafael, California)
  • Vermilion High School
    (Vermilion, Ohio)
  • Veterans Memorial Middle School
    (Brick, New Jersey)
  • Victor Valley Christian School
    (Victorville, California)
  • Victoria Elementary School
    (Victoria, Minnesota)
  • Viking Middle School
    (Grayslake, Illinois)
  • Wahoo Middle/High School
    (Wahoo, Nebraska)
  • Waits River Valley School
    (E. Corinth, Vermont)
  • Waseca Jr &Sr High
    (Waseca, Minnesota)
  • Washington Elementary School
    (Kenilworth, New Jersey)
  • Washington Manor Middle School
    (San Leandro, California)
  • Washington Schools
    (Long Valley, New Jersey)
  • Weare Middle School
    (Weare, New Hampshire)
  • Wells Middle School
    (Dublin, California)
  • West Bristol School
    (Bristol, Connecticut)
  • West Central
    (Sioux Falls, South Dakota)
  • West Chester Area SD
    (West Chester, Pennsylvania)
  • West Hills Christian School
    (portland, Oregon)
  • West Junior High School
    (Boise, Idaho)
  • West Side Montessori School
    (toledo, Ohio)
  • West Sylvan Middle School
    (Portland, Oregon)
  • West Valley Middle School
    (San Jose, California)
  • Westchester Middle School
    (Westchester, Illinois)
  • Westchester SD 92-5
    (Westchester, Illinois)
  • Westside Middle School
    (Omaha, Nebraska)
  • White Hill Middle School
    (Fairfax, California)
  • White Rock Elementary
    (Oak Ridge, New Jersey)
  • Will Rogers Middle School
    (Lawndale, California)
  • william Cullen Bryant High school
    (Long Island city, New York)
  • William Penn High School
    (New Castle, Delaware)
  • William T. Rogers Middle School
    (Kings Park, New York)
  • Williston Central School
    (Williston, Vermont)
  • Willow
    (Cleveland, Ohio)
  • Wilson Middle School
    (Monrovia, California)
  • Windemere Ranch Middle School
    (SAN RAMON, California)
  • Winnebago Middle School
    (Winnebago, Illinois)
  • Winterhaven
    (Portland, Oregon)
  • Winthrop Middle School
    (Winthrop, Maine)
  • WIscasset Elementary School
    (Wiscasset, Maine)
  • Wolftrap Elementary School
    (Vienna, Virginia)
  • Woodland
    (Elkhart, Indiana)
  • Woodlawn Middle School
    (Long Grove, Illinois)
  • Woodrow Wilson
    (Dickinson, Texas)
  • York Jewish Community Center
    (York, Pennsylvania)
  • Yorktown Middle School
    (Columbus, Ohio)

National Programs

Know Your Classmates

Our innovative national programs have inspired a cultural and behavioral shift at middle schools and high schools across the country. Join our movement to end social isolation by bringing one or all of these programs to your school.

Know Your Classmates is Beyond Differences' initiative co-sponsored with the Islamic Networks Group (ING) designed to explore middle school youth's identity and belonging, understand traditions, and recognize stereotypes. Multi-cultural and multi-faith backgrounds are common in today's schools and Know Your Classmates is speaking honestly with children about their feelings and experiences with one another. Know Your Classmates Day is Friday, October 20, 2017!

No One Eats Alone

No One Eats Aloneā„¢ teaches everyone how to make friends at lunch, often the most difficult part of the school day. Created and organized by students, this is our most popular program where schools in all 50 United States participate! National No One Eats Alone Day is Friday, February 9, 2018.

Call It Out Day

Call It Out is a powerful engagement program for middle school youth, their teachers and families. Focused on creating inclusive communities online, particularly learning to respond to digital gossip to reduce social isolation, National Call It Out Day is April 27, 2018.

All of our programs encourage taking the pledge to never exclude others, reaching out to someone new, and spreading the word that inclusion is cool!


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